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Sugar daddies dating is no longer stigmatized but it’s still a big mystery. Why? The reason is simple — people always believe in myths, and there are a lot of myths about sugar relationships. In this post, we provide the facts on sugar relationships as well as some figures that show how popular it really is. 

Sugar dating meaning

So, SD/SB relationship? Most studies define a sugar dating as a mutually beneficial relationship between two people in which a sugar baby is compensated by the other, the sugar daddy, for the time they spend together. That pretty much explains how things really work. Note that the word “time” was used, and that’s the right approach. The thing is people often confuse sugar dating with sex work, but the difference is the time in this context refers to dates, conversations, attending various events, dinners at restaurants, etc. Yes, intimacy is usually included, too, but it is not the only part of a relationship.

sugar baby with flowers

Sugar relationship Vs. vanilla relationship

We mentioned that some attributes of the so-called vanilla relationship are also pretty common for sugar relationships. That’s true — companionship matters in both cases. However, there are also a few very important differences that are as follows:  

  • In a sugar relationship, partners can and should be completely honest about their expectations. Even if someone is married/attached, this is discussed, there is no room for secrets.
  • In a sugar relationship, you talk about exclusiveness and if you both want it, and no one is offended.
  • When a traditional relationship ends, in most cases, someone’s heart is broken. Sugar babies and daddies can end their relationship whenever they want without tears.
  • There are no unmet expectations. A sugar baby doesn’t get mad at a man who doesn’t want to pay, and a sugar daddy doesn’t listen to a sugar baby’s complaints. In sugar dating, it’s all about having a great time.

Please note that we don’t say that traditional or vanilla relationships are actually worse sugardaddy/sugarbaby dating — it’s not true. But they work more often because both partners know what they want, discuss that and follow the rules that they chose.

What does a sugar baby get? 

Why do young and attractive ladies become sugar babies? For many important reasons, actually. Yes, money is the primary one, but contrary to popular belief, most SBs don’t just want to buy fancy things—many of them are college students, a bit older ladies are employed. For most of them, it’s just a boost they need to save time on more important and useful things. Many SBs also look for mentorship, and many SDs are happy to find their young girlfriends succeed. Finally, the vast majority of experienced sugar babies say they like men they date. It’s not about love but it’s about affection, friendship, and companionship. 

sugar baby with sugar daddy on yacht

What does a sugar daddy get?

First and foremost, a sugar daddy gets an opportunity to be completely honest with his woman and enjoy a relationship without negative emotions, conflicts, jealousy, and control 24/7. Of course, most sugar daddies date younger hot women, and that matters a lot, too. But for many of them, safety (if they are looking for a discreet relationship) and the opportunity just to have fun without any negative consequences are even more important.

How common sugar dating is in the US

Studies show that sugar dating has become not only common in society — it’s no longer stigmatized and even encouraged. Currently, the largest sugar daddy websites, has over 8 million sugar babies, and about 3 million of them are American college or university students. Nearly 5% of all American men act like sugar babies. So yes, it is very common, and its popularity is expected to grow.

Pros and cons of sugar daddy/sugar baby dating

Still, sugar baby/sugar daddy dating is not perfect. It also has its pros and cons.

Here are the benefits:

  • Every partner gets what they want
  • This is the most honest relationship
  • In most cases, both partners love to spend time with each other
  • It allows saving a lot of time instead of going on bad Tinder dates

Here are the cons:

  • Sugar babies can meet a man who’s not going to pay (the so-called Salt daddy)
  • Some sugar daters can’t tell their friends about such a relationship
  • It takes pretty much patience to find the right partner

Do the pros outweigh the cons for you?


So, what is a sugar relationship? It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement, and if one finds the right partner, this can be a great romantic adventure, too.

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